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Hindu God - Shani

Lord Shani is one of the navagrahas which are the nine planets in Hindu astrology. Lord Shani is also called as Saneeswaran, Shani Bhagawan, Shaneeshwara, Shani Deva and so on. Shani is a god and is son of Lord Surya (the Sun God) and his wife Chhaya means Shadow goddess. Hence, he is also known as Chayyaputra. Lord Shani is included in the planet Saturn. He is the lord of Saturday and lead metal. The word Shani also represents the 7 day or Saturday in Indian languages.

Lord Shani was born by the sun went into overshadow. He is the enemy of light and is associated by the color black, holding an arrow, two daggers and sword. Lord Shani is also called as the greatest teacher and is known Hindu scriptures as the greatest trouble giver and the greatest well wisher. The crow is vehicle by Lord Shani. His gems are all the black gems and the neelam (the blue sapphire).

Saturn or Shani is the planet of responsibility. It is that symbolizes the ethic of hard work. Lord Shani is the older brother to Yama, the Hindu God of death. Lord Shani represents aloofness as well. Shani Jayanti is celebrated in the month of Jayestha, Krishna Paksha's Amavasya Tithi when "vatsavitri Vrat" also falls.

Shani Temple

Shani temple is located at Shirdi village in Ahmednagar District. It is devoted to Lord Shani and is a powerful planet. Shani temple is a small holy fire. It is known as 'dhuni'. A wide picture of Sai Baba placed behind the god of Shani.

Shani Mantra

Nilamjana Samabasam Ravi Putram Yama Grajami| Chaya Marthanda Sambutam Tam Namami Shanaiswaram||

Shani Pilgrimages

  • Shree Shani Kshetra Rameshwar Tirth.
  • Shree Sidh Shakti Peeth ShaniDham
  • Shree Shani Tirth Tirunalaru, Tamil Nadu.
  • Shree Shani Temple Beedh, Maharastra.
  • Shree Shani Tirth Kshetra, Asola, Fatehpur Beri, Mehrauli, Delhi.
  • Shree Shani Mandir Tirth, Ujjain.
  • Lord Shani Temple, Gwalior Kokilavan, Vrindavan.
  • Shanaischara Temple Hassan
  • Shree Shingnapur, Maharastra.
  • Shree Shani Kshetra Nastanpur, Maharastra.
  • Shree Shani Temple, Madivala, Bangalore
  • ani Kshetra Model Tirth Nandur bar, Maharastra.
Shani and Hanuman

The devotion of Lord Hanuman is a panacea for the severe effects of the 'adverse' presence of Lord Shani. In the Hindu Scriptures Ramayana, Lord Hanuman is said to have saved Shani from the clutches of Ravana and in gratitude, Shani promised to Hanuman that anyone prayed to Hanuman, specially on Saturdays, would be saved from the "malefic" effects of Saturn or the effects would be softened.