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Hindu God - Ganga

In Hindu legend Ganga is believed as the holy river. In India, Ganga River is very popular and is adored as a goddess. In the world Ganga is the most respected. Ganga River is only in itself with its mind squalling width and length. Ganga is also well-known as Vishnu padi. Ganga described as a gorgeous woman with instead of legs a fish's tail. She journey on the Makara is a water moster. The Hindu thoughts in the river on special events reason reduction of peccadilloes and make easy the achievement of salvation.

It is believed that Ganga gives blessings of the best order.


There are many Hindu faiths that provide different descriptions of the Ganga birth. One description said that the holy water in Brahma's water-vessel (Kamandalu) became incarnate as a maiden is Ganga. Another Vaishnavite mythology, Brahma had respectfully washed the feet of Vishnu and collected his water in his Kamandalu. But a third description that Ganga was the daughter of Himavan, king of the mountains and his wife Mena, she was a sister of Parvati means goddess Parvati. Every description announces that she was increased in the heavens under the direction of Brahma.

Rig Veda In the Rig-Ved, the Ganga is mentioned the earliest and theoretically the holiest of the Hindu scriptures. The Ganga is mentioned in the nadistuti, which lists rivers from east - west. In Rig Veda 6.45.31, Ganga word is also mentioned, however it is not clear the reference is to the river.

Rig Veda 3.58.6 says -

your ancient home, your auspicious friendship, O Heroes, your wealth is on the banks of the Jahnavi (JahnAvyAm).
This rhyme could perhaps guide to the Ganga. In Rig Veda 1.116.18-19, the Gangetic and the Jahnavi dolphin happen in 2 neighboring rhymes.

River Ganga / Ganges

Hindu legend said that Ganga is believed as the celestial being of heaven. In India, Uttarkhand, in the central Himalayas Ganga or Ganges on the earth creates from the Gangotri glacier, Gaumukha. In India, this is recognized as one of the sacred places.

The River runs through a large area covering many holy places of Hindus include Haridwar, Varanasi and Allahabad. After 2,510 kms, a long journey, Ganga drains into the cove of Bengal throughout its huge triangle in the Sunder bans.

The Water of Ganga - Gangajal

The Ganga water regard as Gangajal. On his earth, the Ganga water is the cleanest and holy water. Different religious ritual of Hindus is used Ganga water. Ganga water is bacteria free and pure has proven still science. Without any trouble Gangajal must be saving for years.

Representation of River Goddess Ganga

Ganga symbolizes for inmost purity, piety and pristine coolness. Ganga River enriches the religious lives of millions of Indians for the river is great. Holy Gang River incarnates Goddess Ganga go down rinse to the earth away the peccadilloes of the humankind. The River Goddess Ganga represents all India the characteristics is well-known for serene, mythical, all assimilative and pervading.