Timeline of Shivaji Maharaj

  India's History : Medieval India : Shivaji - Timeline of Shivaji Maharaj

 1627 - Shivaji born in the hill fort of Shivner.

 1643-47 - Shivaji overran the hill forts of Kondana, Torana and Raigarh.

 1647 - Shivaji's Guardian Dadaji Khondev died.

 1656 - Shivaji conquered Javli from Chandra Rao More.

 1657 - Shivaji came into conflict with the Moghuls for the first time by making raids into Ahmednagar.

 1659 - Afzal Khan of Bijapur was killed by Shivaji.

 1660 - Moghul Governor Shaista Khan occupied Pune

 1663 - Shivaji made an attack on Shaistakhan's harem and wounded him.

 1664 - Shivaji raided and looted Surat.

 1665 - Jai Singh besieged the fort of Purandar and forced Shivaji to sign the treaty of Purandar.

 1666 - Shivaji escaped from Agra.

 1670 - Shivaji attacked Surat for the second time.

 1674 - Shivaji crowned himself at Raighad and assumed the title of Maharaja Chhatrapati.

 1676 - Shivaji's last campaign against Jijapuri Karnataka. Captured Jinji and Vellore.

 1680 - Shivaji died.